Automatic pallet wrapping machine to laminate pallets

Complete end-of-line automation with these stretch wrappers fully automatic that you can activate by remote control. These balers are manufactured with top brand componentsSIEMENS, OMRON, FESTO, Schneider; and they are also the perfect complement for your palletising cell. We can include it in a new project or integrate it into your existing installation.


Choose the pallet wrapping machine that best suits your business, buy it on its own or as part of a project. We will take care of integrating it into your end of line.

automatic baler

MODEL S300 - Fully automatic "in-line" stretch wrapping machine for laminating pallets

automatic baler

MODEL X1000 - Fully automatic pallet wrapping machine with rotating arm

automatic baler

MODEL X1300 - Fully automatic high speed ring stretch wrapping machine for pallets

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