Robot Pick and Place, high speed packaging system


Atlas Robots' high-speed Pick and Place packaging system allows the identification, grip and placement of up to 100 products per minutewith a cadence of up to 6000 references per hour

The flexibility of the system allows the packaging of many different productsThe only thing you have to do is to select the production through the HMI control system and, instantly, the new configuration will be ready to work.

The artificial vision integrated in the system allows, in addition to detecting the exact position of the product, calibration and quality control.

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Pick and place of another level

Introducing our Pick and place robot for high speed packaging. With our solution you will be able to pack up to 100 products per minute simply by pressing a button.

And how? Thanks to the system "click & Go"With the integrated screen, starting production or switching to a new one is as easy as a finger tap. You won't need specialized personnel or extra qualifications, anyone on staff can use it.

Characteristics of the pick and place robotic system

It packs up to 100 products per minute and changes production instantly.
Packaging of 100 products per minute

Ultra fast packaging of up to 6000 products per hour.

Valid for multiple productions

Instantaneously reconfigures to package any production.

Calibration and quality control

Artificial vision system that allows product recognition, calibration and quality.

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Operation of the pick and place robot

We explain the process of high speed packaging
high-speed packaging robot introduces production


A conveyor belt introduce production in the room where the Robot is located to capture the product and place it according to the programming. Through a encoder installed on the belt and a machine vision system the robot is able to know the position of the incoming product at all times.

high speed packaging robot leaves product in box


Next to him is another group oncoming where the product will be left, ordered according to programming. 

high speed packaging robot by suspension system


The robot uses a Vacuum system installed in its jaws to capture the product and place it correctly on the adjacent band according to its programming. 

high speed pick and place packaging robot


The product leaves the robot structure correctly positioned in its position inside the tray as programmed. These will be sent to the next production process.

Examples of high-speed packaging robots

- pick and place -

Pick and place robotic system applications

We design, program and build pick and place facilities for the main meat and fruit and vegetable industries.

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AGV, automated guided vehicle


The Autonomous Guided Vehicle AGV from Atlas Robots enables the driverless transport of pallets along a predefined route. Through the integrated software we plan the route and the system itself communicates with the rest of the robots to ensure the maximum picking and delivery rate on the pallets.

vehículo de guiado automático (AGV)

Automatic loading system during downtime

The system detects periods of inactivity and uses them to recharge the batteries..

Simple production changeover

At the touch of a button, you will be able to change the type of production without requiring skilled personnel.

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