Automates the production process, improves performance and lowers costs

We are aware of the logistical complexity the cereal manufacturers are facing; both the material diversity of which the bags are made, such as the pallet loading and transport system, can easily be delayed if the process of palletizing of grain bags is not fully automated and optimized. Therefore, at Atlas Robots we offer robotic technology solutions palletizing systems that will allow you to save costs and speed up the manual process, turning it into a totally autonomous and functional process 24 hours a day, all year round.

Find out about our robots for palletizing grain bags and its transport by self-driven vehicles (AGV), designed and manufactured exclusively by our team of engineers for the flour industry.

Get on contact with our team and we will advise you, in a way entirely free of chargeof the options that best suit your production.


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Pide presupuesto del robot paletizador de sacos de grano en solo 1 minuto.

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Check how our bag palletizing cell works

Achieve automated and fast production thanks to Atlas Robots' cereal bag palletizing robot. Bet on the latest technology in industrial robots and optimizes processes by making them totally autonomous, also freeing your workers from the heaviest, most routine and harmful tasks.

Thanks to the spoon type mechanical gripper, we ensure that the bags do not suffer from no damage or breakageand that the process runs optimally 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Replaces manual palletizing with a robotic palletizing of grain bags and improve the competitiveness of your company thanks to the innovation that Atlas Robots offers you.

Characteristics of bag palletizing with robot

Do you still palletize by hand?


Palletizes up to 8 bags per minute.


Palletizes bags fully automatically.

AGV Robot

Automatic pallet transport without driver.


self-guiding vehicle

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Mobilizes the pallets automatically

The Atlas Robots AGV autonomous guided vehicle allows the driverless transport of pallets along a preset route. Through the integrated software we plan the route and the system itself communicates with the rest of the robots to ensure the maximum picking and delivery rate on the pallets. The perfect complement for the palletizing of grain bags.