Robotizes and automates the pallet manufacturing process from start to finish

At Atlas Robots we have developed a innovative and unique pallet manufacturing system autonomously by means of robots. The robotic engineering of the plant allows build pallets with automatic nailingone every 30 seconds. Your gun automatically reloads when the coil runs out of nails.

Our pallet manufacturing robot manufactures any pallet format, simply by selecting it from the control screen. Once this is done, the system will alertThe necessary items to be loaded into the collection areas are then loaded as a recipe. They then take care of depalletizing, placing, nailing the elements (boards, skids and cleats) by building pallets that will be marked and placed on an output pile.

Install an automatic palletiser from only 55.000 €*.

*Price will vary according to project specifications

    Watch the video of the pallet making robot

    Check out how our pallet nailing cell works

    Our cell of the pallet manufacturing robot is perfect for improving production line. It is equipped with a reach robot and load capacity sufficient to handle the task of nailing. For this purpose, it incorporates a specially designed clamp and configured with different systems to automate the process. It is also an installation robust and easy to use which requires no prior technical knowledge.

    Features of the pallet making robot

    Do you still palletize by hand?

    Two pallets per minute

    At a rate that nails a pallet every 30 seconds.

    Manufactures any type of pallet

    The installation is prepared to work with customized formats.

    Very high life cycle

    Only with a minimum maintenance we guarantee that your robot will not stop working.

    Operation of the robotic pallet manufacturing system

    We explain the process
    Pallet manufacturing with robot


    An operator is in charge of positioning the molds after having selected on the screen the type of pallet to be produced.

    Pallet manufacturing with robot


    You can place a template that allows you to place both the cleats and the stringers (skids) on one side, and the grills on the other side.

    Pallet manufacturing with robot


    Once the assemblies have been placed on the molds on the rotary table, they will be nailed by the robot.

    Pallet manufacturing with robot


    The pallet making robot starts nailing in the skid working area. It nails each block individually, using two nails per block.

    Applications of the pallet manufacturing robot

    We design, program, build and install the only custom pallet building system using robots for all industries: warehouses, meat, fruit, food, etc.

    Know everything we can do for you

    We design robots that increase the productivity of your company and improve the quality of life of your workers. Request a quote for a box palletizing robot in just 1 minute.
    self-guiding vehicle

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    Mobilizes the pallets automatically

    The Atlas Robots AGV autonomous guided vehicle allows the driverless transport of pallets along a preset route. Through the integrated software we plan the route and the system itself communicates with the rest of the robots to ensure the maximum picking and delivery rate on the pallets created with the pallet maker robot.