Glass handling robot eliminates manual labour fatigue and increases order fulfilment capacity

The glass handling robot helps to transport the glass. The robot stacks the glass with a Vacuum operated jaws. This clamp is designed according to the format and that is allows the capture and delivery of crystals of any size or weight.

The capture of the plates by the glass manipulating robot is totally reliable and secure. The robot automatically transports them in a dock with an angle. In this way, glass panes of different sizes can be handled, avoiding variations in position during palletising.


Automating the glass handling process using robots eliminates the need for worker fatigue who do it manually. The capacity to produce and serve orders increases, turning the company into a business. more cost-effective.

Install an automatic palletiser from only 55.000 €*.

*Price will vary according to project specifications

    Watch our glass handling robot on video

    Check out how our glass handling cell works.

    Our glass handling robot is perfect for companies manufacturing mirrors, glass, crystals, ceramic sheets, among others. It is a robotic installation that has its own guarantee. You can extend the glass handling work 24 hours a day all year round. It is a cell that requires minimal maintenance and has a very long life cycle. The intelligent stacking system guarantees the perfect condition of the crystals.

    Features of the panel handling robot

    Do you still handle by hand?

    Handles up to 8 panes per minute

    Thanks to a work cadence perfected over the years.


    Just press the "on" button and don't worry about the rest.

    Very high life cycle

    Only minimal maintenance is required. With its own guarantee.

    How does the glass handling robot work?

    We explain the process
    glass handling robot


    The glass sheets enter the cell via a conveyor. Once inside, the robot captures the product using a gripper designed with a suction cup system.

    glass handling robot


    When the robot captures the glass, it turns it 90 degrees and prepares to leave it on the outfeed conveyor to continue its production process.

    glass handling robot


    From this point on, the process will be repeated. In addition, a tri-colour light beacon will provide visual information on the status of the installation.

    Manipulator robot applications

    We design, programme and build handling and palletising robot installations for all materials: wood panels, glass sheets, worktop and flooring sheets, etc.

    Wooden boards

    Glass sheets

    Worktops and floors

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    We design robots that increase the productivity of your company and improve the quality of life of your workers. Ask for a quote for the board mobilizing robot in just 1 minute.
    self-guiding vehicle

    Complete the automation with our AGV

    Transports the pallets automatically

    The Atlas Robots AGV allows driverless transport of pallets along a pre-determined route. Through the integrated software we plan the route and the system itself communicates with the other robots to ensure the maximum collection and delivery rate on the pallets.