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We are experts in the design and development of robotic installations for the automatic palletising and depalletising of all types of products.

With more than 200 installations in Europe and America, Atlas Robots has become a benchmark in robotics for having enabled small producers to access this technology. We are integrators of second-hand robots that come from the automotive industry in palletising and depalletising projects for bags, boxes, boards, glass, etc. To do this, we adapt the robot to the specific project and manufacture a customised clamp for each customer. The whole robotic cell is programmed with our own open source software and is controlled by a screen that is extremely simple and intuitive to use, even if you have no technical knowledge.

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Our working philosophy

From our organization, we live with the strong conviction that betting on small and medium-sized enterprises means betting on the growth of the business fabric. We contribute to strengthening a key economic engine to create quality employment and improve the value of its products and services to continue competing as market leaders.

Therefore, we base our philosophy on the democratization of robotic technologiesThe aim is to bring all levels of production closer to the resources needed to redirect investment from routine, repetitive and dangerous tasks to investment in research, development and value creation.

In addition, our principle of accessibility leads us to design solutions that are easy to understand, in which it is only necessary to press a button to make it work, making the technology really understandable and useful for any company, even if it is not familiar with it.

Fighting against planned obsolescence

We operate in a circular economy. We innovate in the development of new technologies and at the same time we refurbish robots which, although prematurely abandoned by other industries, can continue to serve for decades with absolute robustness. We contribute to the expansion of automation in a responsible and efficient way. Our robots are designed to be timeless and easy to use for everyone.

The creators of Atlas Robots

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Gonzalo Garcia

Co-founder of Atlas Robots

Gonzalo, in addition to being one of the founders of Atlas Robots, is the commercial director of the company. For more than 10 years he has been developing robotic cells and making them available to companies in the food, construction, glass, wineries, etc. sectors. He works so that all companies can afford to automate their processes by exporting Atlas Robots technology around the world.

Antonio Atlas Robots

Antonio Blanco

Co-founder of Atlas Robots

Antonio is co-founder and director of engineering at Atlas Robots. From a very young age, he led engineering teams in other companies until he decided to start his own. At Atlas Robots he manages a multidisciplinary team of designers, engineers and mechanics. He is in charge of materialising the robotic solutions demanded by industry, focusing on the end of the production line.

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Reindus Programme

We are beneficiaries of the Reindus Programme of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. The Aid Programme for Reindustrialisation Actions is a regional aid programme that seeks a sustainable development of the territory through the regeneration and/or creation of industrial fabric and acts primarily in disadvantaged areas, promoting investment in both industrial infrastructures and productive business initiatives.