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We know the complexity of logistics in the feed industryThe following information should be provided: the various materials from which the bags are made, the type of product or even the transport systemcan be a hindrance to the feed bag palletizing process. For this reason, Atlas Robots offers state-of-the-art robotic solutions for palletizing feed sacks and the subsequent transport of the pallet by autonomous driving vehicles (AGVs).AGV), designed and manufactured exclusively by our team of engineers.

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Automates the palletizing of feed bags with our automated palletising solutions. The palletizing robot is capable of picking up and depositing sacks of feed with any mosaic design and on any type of pallet, working at a rate that can exceed 18 sacks per minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The spoon-type claw allows the safe collection and the mechanical clamp paddles of the clamp allow the pallet to be picked up from the bag. input line and deposit it in the palletizing area. In this way, the process is fully automated and ready to continue palletizing for years to come.

Characteristics of bag palletizing with robot

Do you still palletize by hand?


Palletizes up to 8 bags of feed per minute.


Fully automated bag palletizer

AGV Robot

Automatic pallet transport without driver.


self-guiding vehicle

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Mobilizes the pallets automatically

The Atlas Robots AGV allows driverless transport of pallets along a pre-determined route. Through the integrated software we plan the route and the system itself communicates with the other robots to ensure the maximum collection and delivery rate on the pallets.