This container with box palletising robot is a different way of accessing robotics projects through rental or outright purchase.

The benefit of this unit is that it can be installed in a way that is easy y fast in a limited space and it is extremely simple to use. This is why this container with crate palletising robot enables SMEs with limited resourcesThe company has been able to incorporate this type of technology in its factories, both economically and professionally. This will infinitely reduce the uncertainty for small entrepreneurs who are considering investing in automating their production.

This project of container with box palletizing robot is realized with a reconditioned robot installed inside a shipping container, which is able to palletize 7 boxes per minute.

Install an automatic palletiser from only 55.000 €*.

*Price will vary according to project specifications

    Features of the container with crate palletiser robot

    Do you still palletize by hand?

    For rent

    Robotic installation available for purchase or rental.

    Easy to transport

    It is installed with a boom truck and is ready for operation.

    Very high life cycle

    Robot reconditioned to perform at 100% capacity. 

    7 cases per minute

    It works with any type of box and with tongue and groove system.


    Just press the "on" button and don't worry about the rest.

    How does the container with crate palletising robot work?

    We explain the process
    Container with box palletising robot


    First, the boxes are accessed from the rear. Two systems are installed to check that the product fits.

    Container with box palletising robot


    The standard programme of the robot picks up the individual boxes, for this it is necessary that the gripper captures the shifted box.

    Container with box palletising robot


    The robot then palletises the boxes according to a palletisation pattern previously defined on the control screen.


    Once finished, the pallet can be removed in two ways, either manually by an operator or automatically by the AGV.

    Case palletizer robot applications

    We design, program and build box palletizing robot installations for all industries: wineries, meat, fruit, food, etc.

    Know everything we can do for you

    We design robots that increase the productivity of your company and improve the quality of life of your workers. Request a quote for a box palletizing robot in just 1 minute.
    self-guiding vehicle

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