Palletises high pallets of potatoes and onions while maintaining full load stability

Our robot potato and onion sack palletizer is able to assemble homogeneous pallets of great height, with total stability and keeping the product in perfect conditions. Due to the granularity of the potato, in this installation it is very important to have a conformer that adjusts and secures the load layer by layer. Our potato palletiser can palletise up to 12 bags per minute uninterruptedly 24 hours a day. This means that the installation pays for itself in a very short period of time.


This installation is suitable for palletize products with high granularity served in sacks, such as potatoes, onions, beetroot, balls and any other similar.

Install an automatic palletiser from only 55.000 €*.

*Price will vary according to project specifications

    Watch our potato palletizing robot on video

    See how our robotic arm works to palletize potatoes and onions.

    This robotic arm of the potato and onion palletizing robot can absorb 100% of the heavy bag palletizing work of your production, efficiently and without downtime. In addition, the potato and onion palletizing robot is equipped with a robustness steel's own characteristics that gives it a unchanging resistance over the years

    We can design the automation project that you need and add other solutions, such as a pallet dispenser or a system of automatic baling. All integrated in the same project. 

    Features of the potato palletizer robot

    Do you still palletize by hand?

    Palletizes 12 bags per minute

    Installation with a speed that manages to palletize more than 700 bags per hour.


    All you have to do to get your industrial robot to start working is press the power button.

    Very high life cycle

    Only with a minimum maintenance we guarantee that your robot will not stop working.

    How does the robotic potato palletizer work?

    We explain the process
    potato palletizer
    Potato and onion palletizer robot


    The bags enter the cell through a conveyor specially designed for the capture of bags with high granularity product. At the end of the conveyor, the bag is captured by a robotic arm by means of its gripper.

    Potato and onion palletizer robot
    Potato and onion palletizer robot


    Then, the robot leaves the bag on the palletising point and in the corresponding position according to the programmed mosaic. The same process is repeated until all the fields that have been pre-established in the programming have been completed.

    Potato and onion palletizer robot
    Potato and onion palletizer robot


    The forming element rises as the layers are palletized and the pallet gains height. This element "embraces" the load to give it stability. It is an essential piece if you want to palletise sacks of potatoes, onions, ice, etc.

    Potato and onion palletizer robot
    Potato and onion palletizer robot


    When the robot has finished palletising the last layer of bags, the palletiser rises completely and releases the perfectly formed load. The pallet automatically slides down the roller conveyor for manual pick-up by human personnel.

    Applications of the robotic cell with conformer

    We design, program and build bag palletizing robot installations for high granularity products.
    self-guiding vehicle

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