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At Atlas Robots we are experts in implementing cement sack palletizing robots. The standard KUKA robot, with configurable gripper for optimal gripping of different sizes of cement bags, the automatic pallet destacking system and the PLC where you can choose the pallet height, makes our bag palletizer an ideal solution for the production of cement bags. simple solution and very quickly amortized.

Ideal for cement bags, both valve bags and polyethylene bags or polyethylene complex with or without microperforations. The robot is also prepared to withstand dusty atmospheres and therefore does not you have to worry about of nothing but producing.

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Our cement bag palletizing robot allows to automate the palletizing process and to preventing your workers from The weight and dust that is released during the task must be borne by them. With the automation consigue un ciclo de trabajo alto, evitando stock-outs and ensuring optimum production.

The cement bag palletizing robot performs the following tasks collection of the bags by means of its spoon-type mechanical gripper, avoiding any bag breakage and keeping production intact.

Characteristics of bag palletizing with robot

Do you still palletize by hand?


Palletizes up to 50 bags of cement per hour.


Palletizes bags fully automatically.

AGV Robot

Automatic pallet transport without driver.


self-guiding vehicle

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Mobilizes the pallets automatically

The Atlas Robots AGV allows driverless transport of pallets along a pre-determined route. Through the integrated software we plan the route and the system itself communicates with the other robots to ensure the maximum collection and delivery rate on the pallets.