We are a Spanish engineering company with 10 years of experience that has revolutionised palletising automation, because we have made it possible for small and medium-sized companies to afford this type of technology. How have we achieved this? We have done it immersed in a circular economy, reconditioning second-hand robots that come from the automotive industry and that still have many years of service ahead of them performing at their best. This, together with our agility in project development, allows us to offer a highly engineered product at a price that any SME can also afford.

In Spain, we have no real competitors in the development of palletising cells with reconditioned robots, in fact, we lead our market niche. 80% of the companies that want to install a palletising robot and finally do so do so with us. Abroad, more and more companies are buying our installations, and we currently export 40% of our production.
Our customers have chosen us because we are specialists in automatic palletisers and because our experience allows us to be very agile in the development and delivery of projects quickly, safely and with guarantees. And at an unbeatable price.

We have the endorsement of more than 200 projects installed in Europe and America that place us as a benchmark in the robotics industry worldwide.
We have a team of great professionals who ensure that the entire design, programming and assembly process is carried out with rigour, and we carry out an exhaustive review of the robots that we recondition so that they perform at 100% of their capacity. Our know-how enables us to guarantee the construction of robust and durable palletising cells. We only use products from the best brands both for the robot and for the peripherals: KUKA, Siemens, Festo, Sick...
On the other hand, we assemble each project in our own factory and carry out FAT tests for the customer to validate it. The customer can view the tests in person, by remote connection or by video.

a) We make automatic palletising cells with reconditioned robots for palletising, depalletising and handling any type of product: boxes, sacks, glass, drums, boards, etc.
b) We have developed a highly cost-effective automated guided vehicle (AGV) because it has the functionalities you will actually use - without unnecessary extras - that costs half as much as its competitors.
c) We maintain your automatic palletising installation.

Definitely yes. The service provided by our palletisers means that the investment is recovered in an average time of 18 months, much sooner than with any other industrial machine. With the automatic palletiser, customers discover the possibility of palletising 24 hours a day for the same cost.

Yes, and it is very easy to do thanks to our software. Via the HMI touch screen you can create a new mosaic. Each project also comes with four different pre-configured mosaics.

We can do this in three different ways:
a) Atlas Robots can take over the installation of the palletising cell 100%.
b) In some countries, we have partner companies that carry out the installation under our supervision.
c) The customer is free to choose a third party installer of his choice.

With the project, we will provide you with a detailed list of spare parts that are very common and can be easily found in any country in the world.

During the first three months after the start-up of the project at its final location, the customer will have direct access to the Atlas Robots maintenance team and we will provide a solution within 24 hours at the latest.

All our installations are backed by a one-year parts warranty, including the reconditioned robot, so you can enjoy peace of mind while the technology works for you.

It is extremely simple, as all our projects are designed for turnkey delivery. It is not even necessary to have prior technical knowledge to be able to work with the palletising robot. In addition, the Atlas Robots team will train the person or persons in charge of operating the installation. If the customer has any questions, we will answer them through any of our contact channels.

Our palletisers work with any format: sacks, boxes, wooden panels, glass sheets, etc.; and for any type of product: flour, cement, animal feed, granite, wood, glass, fruit, bottles, etc. Low granularity products such as potatoes or onions can also be palletised thanks to a load stabiliser that we also develop ourselves.

a) Our customers don't know about robotics and they don't have to. So they tell us what their production process is like and we advise them to offer them the best solution.
b) When the client reviews and approves the preliminary project, the contract is signed.
c) Our design team gets to work once the first payment has been made.

- 50% upon signature of the project.
- 20% after testing at the Atlas Robots factory.
- 20% after loading the installation at Atlas Robots.
- 10% once the palletising cell is up and running at the customer's premises.


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