automatic baler

MODEL X1000 - Fully automatic rotary arm stretch wrapping machine

Main features:


  • Packing speed 30-35 pallets per hour.
  • Optional automatic top dispenser.
  • Optional automatic corner paper fixer.
  • Automatic film cutting and clamping.
  • SEW and SIEMENS motor drive system.

Video Automatic Wrapping Machine X1000


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    High efficiency

    Rotary bearing drive. 35 to 40 plastic-coated pallets per hour. Noiseless, long service life and maintenance-free. No additional counterweight required.

    More power

    Mechanical wrapping mode.

    100% film holding.

    Cutting of the plastic film by means of a cylinder.


    Up to 400% pre-stretch.

    Constant release film.

    Adjustment of the film consumption for each wrapping.

    Best components

    SICK proximity switch, photoelectric sensor.

    Weidmuller terminal board.


    SIEMENS inverters.

    Maximum speed35-40 pallets/hourInverterSIEMENS
    Maximum pallet dimensions1.2x1.2mPosition sensorSICK
    Maximum wrapping height2000mmPLCSIEMENS
    Ring speed0-30RPM (adjustable)Displacement switchOMRON
    Ring dimensions2000mmRing engineJSK
    Ring drive power1.5PHRelayOMRON
    Gripping and cutting the filmautomatic (heat type)Touch screenSIEMENS
    Film width500mmSwitchSchneider
    Constant delivery of filmstandardCylinderAIRTAC
    Pre-stretched250%Ascent and descent motorJSK
    Film capacitydiameter 250mm
    Top pressure functionOptional
    Elevating conveyor beltOptionalSpecial processIntroduction
    Top sheet dispenserOptionalFrameworkSteel
    Paper corner adjustmentoptionalPrintMetallic paint

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