The only low-cost AGV robot that transports all types of pallets

Atlas Robots has designed a low-cost AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) robot that allows the automatic transport of all types of material loaded on pallets. Opting for the automatic transport of the load for its internal mobilization is very easy with our AGV, as it does not require any technical knowledge from the customer. In addition, the Atlas Robots autonomous vehicle works with any type of pallet.


It is an economical and efficient alternative to traditional electric or manual pallet trucks. This mobile robot can perform automatic loading and unloading of goods, reducing the accident rate. It can receive or send products without any contact between the delivery person and the receiver, helping to avoid possible contagion from COVID-19.


It is not a permanent (static) automatic transport system, but can be used for different tasks at different points in the production chain. For this, all you have to do is trace the path with a belt that sticks to the ground. This automatic vehicle is perfect for logistics companies or any other company that needs internal transport.

Our technology allows us to combine other robots to automate different processes, freeing operators from this task and allowing greater production and resource utilization, as well as time optimization. Find the perfect partner for the AGV robot. 

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    The AGV robot from Atlas Robots has been in great demand due to several factors that make it unrivaled in the market. First of all, it is a very robustI mean, it's designed not to fail and that it performs its function perfectly. Secondly, it's a robot that is remarkable for its simplicityIt is easy to adapt to your new job as it is not complicated or expensive to change its function. And thirdly, in addition to all the above, is the most economical AGV robot on the market. There is nothing like it, with this quality and this price. You will be surprised.

    Features of the economical AGV -Automatic Guidance Vehicle- from Atlas Robots

    Find out why it is the best VGA on the market

    Complete low-cost automation of the production line

    Can be incorporated into any Atlas Robots robotic system

    Moves autonomously, minimizing errors

    It is programmed in perfect coordination with the production chain

    Economic optimization of human resources

    Frees employees from mechanical tasks to do other things

    How does the AGV work?

    We explain the process
    AGV robot


    The work cycle of the AGV robot will start with the robot moving to the desired capture point. For this, it will be guided by the line painted on the ground, which it will use when moving forward, i.e. with the blades at the rear.

    AGV robot


    Once you reach an intersection, or any point where you need to make a decision, you will encounter a bar code that will provide you with the information you need to continue on your way. You will turn to position yourself in front of the pallet with the blades facing it.

    AGV robot


    It will advance along the straight line until it reads the barcode, which will indicate that it has to enter to capture the pallet. Since it has to go backwards for this process, it will be guided by four mirrors that will allow it to triangulate over them to know its position.

    AGV robot


    After this, it will proceed in a straight line until it finds again the line that will be used as a guide and will carry out the same guiding processes until it reaches the drop-off point.

    Applications of the AGV -Automatic Guidance Vehicle-

    We design, program and build AGV robots for the main industries: mining, chemical, food, construction, agricultural.

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