A robot that makes pallets and makes workers' lives easier

Robot pallet maker developed by Atlas Robots

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The pallet manufacturing robot is ideal for companies looking to improve their competitiveness. 

It is no secret that, for many companies, the implementation of an industrial robot in automation processes has gone from being an option to a necessity. So in Atlas Robots we have manufactured a technology capable of working tirelessly. Start improving your production with this robot that manufactures pallets. 

How does this pallet making robot work?

At Atlas we developed a unique and innovative system for the autonomous manufacture of pallets by robots. The robotic engineering of the installation allows the construction of pallets with automatic nailing, marking and chamfering every 30 seconds.

During pallet production, the robot automatically reloads the gun when the coil runs out of pins. Thus, the automatic tool change eliminates downtime and makes this the best project for pallet manufacturing. 

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Our robots can manufacture any pallet format by simply selecting it from the control screen. Once this is done, the system will notify, as a recipe, the necessary components to load in the picking area.

Then, it is the foremen who place the elements such as boards, skids and blocks in the area to build the pallets that will be marked and placed in the output pile.

It should be noted that the installation is prepared to work with customized formats and works with any type of pallet.

Why is this robot ideal?  

Our robotic cell is ideal for upgrading production lines. It comes with a robot with sufficient reach and load capacity to handle the nailing task. 

Thanks to these advances, industrial automation has become a mainstay for all employers who want to increase their productivity, increase the safety of their employees and improve process quality. This is achieved because the arduous tasks that used to be performed manually by people are now carried out by machines. That is why this type of robots are the perfect complement for the worker and the best thing is that no previous technical knowledge is needed to use them.

Here you can see how our robot works.

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