Automates the production process, improves performance and lowers costs

We know the implications of working with ice. Often, the palletizing ice bags loses effectiveness if the grips used are not the correct ones, for example, when a vacuum pickup is used. Our system of robotic palletizing of ice bags ensures a 100% efficient collection by doing so through a spoon clamp specially designed for the sector.

In addition, we offer solutions for the handling of ice trays and for the transport of loaded pallets by automatic guidance vehicles (AGVs) designed and built at Atlas Robots.

Install an automatic palletiser from only 55.000 €*.

*Price will vary according to project specifications

    Watch the video of the ice bag palletizer robot

    Check how our bag palletizing cell works

    Our ice bag palletizing installations with robots are designed to allow a optimal production load with medium weight and fast stacking of pallets of any format.

    Thanks to the high level of precision, the robots are capable of palletizing up to 8 ice bags per minute in different mosaics, in addition, the pre-programming optimizes the cycles of the robotic arm achieving a greater dynamism in installations with more than one robot.

    Characteristics of bag palletizing with robot

    Do you still palletize by hand?


    Palletizes up to 8 bags of ice per minute.


    Robotic handling of ice trays.

    AGV Robot

    Automatic pallet transport without driver.


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    self-guiding vehicle

    You may also be interested in our AGV

    Mobilizes the pallets automatically

    The Atlas Robots AGV allows driverless transport of pallets along a pre-determined route. Through the integrated software we plan the route and the system itself communicates with the other robots to ensure the maximum collection and delivery rate on the pallets.