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The best option

It is possible to save between 40% and 50%. when buying a reconditioned industrial robot


At Atlas Robots We combat technological obsolescence through the refitting of industrial robots. In this way, our technical team reconditioning and reprogramming robots to make them timeless and at the same time accessible to all types of industry, allowing companies with fewer resources to join the automation. Discover our second-hand Fanuc and Kuka robots. 

The advantages of our reconditioned industrial robots

They are eternal robots

The industrial robots that undergo our reconditioning process, are thoroughly inspected, disassembled and cleaned, and worn or defective parts are replaced by others in perfect condition

The return on investment is much higher

A like-new industrial robot can be had at a price of between one 40 to 50% less than a new industrial robot.
Therefore, the purchase of our robot pays for itself in a much shorter period of time than a new industrial robot.. At Atlas Robots we have seen customers who have purchased one of our reconditioned industrial robots, Kuka and FANUC, have amortised the investment in less than a year.

All our robots are guaranteed

They have 1 year warranty. All our second-hand robots are delivered completely checked and as new for perfect operation.


Everything is designed to work in your factory.

1 year warranty

We cover any malfunction or damage that may occur.

Minimal maintenance

Refitting ensures that it will work for years to come.

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